Thursday, July 5, 2012

1k fan giveaway!

Ok, I'm waaaay behind on posting this year ~ like 6 months behind :(  Thankfully the Facebook page has continued to grow even though we've neglected our duties here! That being said, we're super duper excited that we hit 1,000 fans last week!  What a milestone - our little page is but a year old and we're very honored that so many of you have popped on and 'liked us'!

Assuming you made your way here via the Plarny Yarn page on Facebook - without further ado - here are the rules to participate in the 1k fan giveaway:

1. You must sign up and become a follower of this blog (see right side of page)

2. After completing the sign up, comment below and let me know which item you would choose if you were to win  (you will be able to choose from a plarn bottle holder, fancy flops, or a small plain plarn tote - pics forthcoming)

3. Finally, (this one is optional but encouraged) please share the Facebook post where I announced that the giveaway has started

That's it folks, pretty easy huh?  :)  The giveaway will remain open until July 15th at which time I will gather all the entries and assign them a number (1st post will be #1, etc)  I will also post the list so you can see what number you were assigned, then I'll use to choose a winner!

Stay tuned for new things for Plarny Yarn - we will be adding to the blog a MINIMUM of once a week from now on!!


  1. I love this blog! If I were to win the giveaway, I would like to win the small plarn tote bag! You can never have too many tote bags for projects!!!

  2. Though I haven't tried crocheting with plarn myself, your blog/Facebook page have me so excited to try!! You have created beautiful things! I would love to win the small plarn tote bag! Thanks for this offer! :)

  3. How exciting! I love your creations. If I won I think I would like a tote. Hard to pick though!

  4. Plarn....what fun stuff! If I were to win I would choose the fancy flops. Very cute!!

  5. I see that you haven't been active here for over a year. Are you still Plarning? Do you have a site elsewhere? I made all of last years holiday gifts out of plarn and I am thinking of doing it again. Do you recycle your own bags or do you buy your Plarn? If you buy it is it recycled? I like that you have a good variety of colors and would like my creations to have more splash but I want to hold onto the idea that it is recycled plastic. Thank you. Dar

    1. Hi Dar! I'm absolutely still plarning! :D

      Thanks for stopping by - I primarily post on my facebook page just because I never quite got the hang of blogging :( if you know of a different, more user friendly platform please let me know!! I'd love to do more than just facebook but right now that's all I can keep up with :(

      I recycle my own bags, on rare occasion I have purchased bags if I had a special request w/a color I didn't have on hand. I hate doing that though because it goes against the purpose of why I plarn! the only color I actually purchased was black - all the other colors you see are from ones I've collected from friends. They all know if they see a colored bag they better hold on to it and get it to me because I'm bound to use it in a project :) We are lucky that quite a few stores in our area still use a nice variety of colors.

      Thanks again for dropping by (p.s. how did you find me?) Would love for you to 'like' my page on FB - just search Plarny Yarn.

      Take care, Happy plarning!

  6. Hi, I saw the Plarn's link from in Petals To Picots Facebook page and I got interested. I liked your Facebook page and went to your blog. I am fascinated with the idea of turning plastic bags into something more crafty but useful. If I am chosen, I would like to have the small plarn tote. I am into crocheting and would like to try this new medium.