Thursday, July 5, 2012

1k fan giveaway!

Ok, I'm waaaay behind on posting this year ~ like 6 months behind :(  Thankfully the Facebook page has continued to grow even though we've neglected our duties here! That being said, we're super duper excited that we hit 1,000 fans last week!  What a milestone - our little page is but a year old and we're very honored that so many of you have popped on and 'liked us'!

Assuming you made your way here via the Plarny Yarn page on Facebook - without further ado - here are the rules to participate in the 1k fan giveaway:

1. You must sign up and become a follower of this blog (see right side of page)

2. After completing the sign up, comment below and let me know which item you would choose if you were to win  (you will be able to choose from a plarn bottle holder, fancy flops, or a small plain plarn tote - pics forthcoming)

3. Finally, (this one is optional but encouraged) please share the Facebook post where I announced that the giveaway has started

That's it folks, pretty easy huh?  :)  The giveaway will remain open until July 15th at which time I will gather all the entries and assign them a number (1st post will be #1, etc)  I will also post the list so you can see what number you were assigned, then I'll use to choose a winner!

Stay tuned for new things for Plarny Yarn - we will be adding to the blog a MINIMUM of once a week from now on!!

Friday, January 6, 2012


Hi!  If you're coming here from Pinterest - welcome!!  Let me first apologize for how small this blog is...I tried staying away from Pinterest as long as possible since I'd heard how addicting it could be!!  Well, as you can see, I finally gave in :) I'm hoping to post patterns, ideas, and other random stuff in the next few weeks!!

You can also find me at - if you stop by, be sure to 'like' the page!!  :)

Some of my plarn creations

 Hard to tell the colors, but the pic above is actually tan and purple - the purple is a plastic party tablecloth from the dollar store.

 I love the color of the weekly paper that we receive in our front yard, but it took 70 of them, plus 100 soda can tabs to make this bag!

 One nite while lying in bed I thought it would be neat to create a bag that looked like the beach - this is just one of the 6 or 7 I have made so far! 

 I carry water around everywhere I go so I was very pleased with how this turned out!!

Another bag/soda tab bag.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Plarny Yarn Creations blogs!

Trying to move some of my work off Facebook so I decided to start this blog!! I will be providing tips and tricks, patterns (if I can force myself to write them down!) and pictures of my work - stay tuned and in the meantime, visit me on Facebook: